Gotta Bless Somebody Else!

Welcome to Bless Somebody Else, LLC, a little gift shop full of handmade items. As much as I love the holiday seasons, it is the NON-holiday gifts I love giving the most! They are not expected, and the sole reason behind giving is wanting to Bless Somebody Else! You know the saying, "It's the thought that counts." Knowing someone actually took the time to think of me means so much, especially when they back that thought up with a gift :)

I hope you enjoy the items I have created. If you see something for yourself, treat yourself... BUT, I encourage you to treat someone else FIRST! Bless the mail carrier, the panhandler, a teacher, a nurse, family, strangers, the neighbor who never speaks, the neighbor who always speaks... ANYONE can use a blessing! When you give a blessing you ARE a blessing!